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Look at this slutty, cum guzzling, dick-loving whorejak. His bussy is in need of a good fucking!
My my, look at this soijak. He definitely keeps "down there" shaved alright. Pinejak's a sissy slut. Slutty sissyjak. A Sissy Slutjak. He knows it. He owns it. and he loves putting a variety of dildos up his shaved butthole.
I want to make this 'jak my cum slave
Read that look in his eyes. "BDSM" they scream! Naughty naughty, Pinejak. Very Naughty indeed!
Yes yes, you all know the news by now. Pinejak is a slutjak, and he's proud of it. Loud and proud he is indeed! Screaming from the ridge tops for cock, letting any old fruitjak ravage his plentiful and tight bussy. How he manages to keep that thing with its "gorilla grip" is a mystery to me. Goodness gracious! He's eyeing me??? Could I be his next "hookup"? Zoinks, I'm excited!
Hold the phone.
I'm not a religious man, but I can tell this 'jak's got lust, and a lot of it. He's moaning under his breath, yes, yes, yes. I hear it . "Dick... Dick..." Bing bang boom! He's a slutjak alright, and his lust is turning him into a cock-craving zombie! Look at him, crawling on the ridge in that thong, but up in the air, ready to be pillaged by any approaching fruitjak. Oh dear, I see one now. GOOD LORD! He took the whole nine inches with no problem! Pack it up boys, this slutjak's going to be cumming buckets tonight!
There's nothing Pinejak wants more than a strong, hard cock in his ass. He's always thinking about it, his gorilla grip bussy clenching DOWN on a big strong cock from a bigger and stronger fruitjak. Captain O' my captain! This 'jak's moans scare away any opposing forces away with the ridge. His raw sexual appetite is so strong that a foolish onlooker would think that he's a hungry coyote! Mayday, mayday! Pinejak is about to have an "Orgasm"! He is "making his O face"! Time to skedaddle!
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Anonymous2: delete this forced coal
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Anonymous3: OH MY
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: coal
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: Pinejak looks consenting however