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balaclava clothes cyrillic_text helicopter open_mouth pointing soyjak stalker stubble text variant:two_pointing_soyjaks video_game // 1138x900 // 1.6MB closed_mouth glasses helicopter rofl roflcopter smile soyjak stubble text variant:impish // 800x600 // 40.8KB angry blood bloodshot_eyes clenched_teeth cracked_teeth ear emoticon glasses helicopter mustache red_eyes soyjak stubble variant:feraljak vein yellow_teeth // 630x547 // 51.1KB 3soyjaks animated apu azov_battalion frog gigachad glasses hanging helicopter meta:tagme mustache pepe rope russia russo_ukrainian_war soyjak stubble ukraine variant:bernd z_(russian_symbol) // 2200x1426 // 3.7MB airplane animated building excited explosion fortnite glasses grey_skin gun helicopter open_mouth soot soot_colors sound soyjak soyjak_party stubble variant:cobson video video_game yellow_skin // 600x600, 11.3s // 1.5MB 3d animated blood compilation explosion fire gun hanging helicopter hell multiple_soyjaks music mustache neovagina oe_cake orange_justice period shazam sound soyjak suicide tranny variant:alicia variant:bernd variant:cobson variant:el_perro_rabioso variant:feraljak variant:feraljak_front video // 640x640, 16.4s // 1.9MB animated anime dab frog glasses gun hanging helicopter hell meta:tagme missile mustache neovagina oe_cake open_mouth pepe sky sound soyjak stubble suicide tongue tranny variant:bernd video // 480x480, 17.8s // 1.7MB animated anime arm bloodshot_eyes boymoder clothes crying flag full_body gigachad glasses hair hand hanging helicopter irl_background kurumi_nanase leg menhera_chan open_mouth purple_hair rope sky soyjak spinner spinning stubble thumbnail_bait tongue tranny variant:bernd // 326x280 // 518.5KB 2soyjaks animated bloodshot_eyes crying explosion flag flying full_body glasses helicopter irl lgbt missile open_mouth pride_parade purple_hair rocket rope sky sound soyjak spinning stubble suicide tongue tranny variant:bernd video // 1280x720, 11.4s // 615.7KB afghanistan amerimutt black_lives_matter blacked brown_skin clothes desert ear flag hat helicopter irl_background islam lgbt mcdonalds military rocket smile soyjak star star_of_david stubble taliban text the_simpsons thought_bubble tranny united_states variant:impish_soyak_ears // 1280x851 // 1.6MB animated arm bloodshot_eyes clothes crying flag full_body glasses hand hanging helicopter irl irl_background leg military open_mouth rope soyjak stubble tongue tranny variant:bernd // 800x530 // 693.4KB animated arm bloodshot_eyes clothes crying flag full_body gigachad glasses hair hand hanging helicopter irl_background leg mustache open_mouth purple_hair rope sky soyjak spinning stubble tongue tranny variant:bernd // 1540x1222 // 820.1KB
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