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button computer dark glowing hearts_of_iron hoi4 millions_must_die monitor night screen text variant:chudjak video_game // 867x681 // 349.6KB cap closed_mouth clothes ear flag glass hand hat hoi4 holding_object kuz necktie omsk russia smile smug soyjak tno toast uniform variant:kuzjak wine // 430x540 // 131.0KB clothes communism flag glasses hammer_and_sickle hat hearts_of_iron hoi4 open_mouth sablin soyjak star stubble the_new_order tno variant:classic_soyjak // 767x897 // 365.1KB arm clothes eyes_popping glasses hair hand hands_up hearts_of_iron hoi4 hyperborea nazism open_mouth soyjak stubble swastika the_new_order tno tongue variant:waow wojak yellow_teeth // 1079x808 // 807.3KB clothes hat hearts_of_iron helmet hoi4 military nazism open_mouth rla soyjak stubble the_new_order tno variant:classic_soyjak // 595x727 // 217.3KB arm burgundy clothes glasses hand hearts_of_iron hoi4 holding_object open_mouth phone soyjak soyjak_holding_phone stubble the_new_order tno tshirt variant:markiplier_soyjak // 1028x900 // 549.1KB
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