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kerbal space program 

alien arm clothes green_skin hand kerbal_space_program lgbt logo open_mouth pointing pride redraw soyjak text tshirt variant:shirtjak video_game // 618x559 // 36.7KB alien closed_mouth clothes eyelashes female femjak girl hair hand kerbal_space_program no_eyebrows no_nose redraw smile soyjak subvariant:soylita suit thumbs_up valentina_kerman variant:gapejak // 1012x861 // 62.3KB alien badge dead green_skin hanging kerbal_space_program no_eyebrows no_nose oekaki rope soyjak stubble suicide variant:gapejak video_game // 1677x1569 // 302.4KB jebediah_kerman kerbal_space_program ksp open_mouth redraw variant:markiplier_soyjak video_game // 308x420 // 155.1KB alien asymmetric_eyes jeb jebjak kerbal_space_program ksp open_mouth soyjak variant:markiplier_soyjak video_game // 450x600 // 44.3KB
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