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arm art blush clothes drawing flat_earth glasses hand jacket nasa redraw soiboi soyjak stubble tshirt variant:classic_soyjak // 2964x2964 // 2.3MB 2soyjaks apollo arm cigarette gene_kranz grey_hair hair history moon_landing nasa open_mouth pointing science smoking soyjak variant:two_pointing_soyjaks wernher_von_braun yellow_hair // 2048x1365 // 1.9MB angry anime arm black_skin blood bloodshot_eyes clothes comic coomer crying dildo disabled glasses hair hand jew nasa nazi open_mouth pointing pol_(4chan) rage_comic soyjak space swastika text tshirt variant:chudjak wheelchair // 884x1466 // 539.6KB angry cap clothes glasses hat irl_background nasa rocket soyjak space space_rocket stubble variant:gapejak // 604x1024 // 551.5KB badge glasses nasa open_mouth soyjak space stubble variant:markiplier_soyjak // 600x671 // 133.7KB
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