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3d animated arkadag brown_hair chocolate clothes factory glasses hair i_love julius_evola kantbot logo_daedalus music nemets pyotr_wrangel theosophy variant:bernd video // 1280x720, 73.2s // 6.1MB calm closed_eyes closed_mouth hair irl_background mustache nemets olive_garden pyotr_wrangel smile soyjak twitter variant:chudjak // 504x446 // 346.2KB 2soyjaks black_skin blood bloodshot_eyes candace_owens clothes cross crying dead gun hair hat holding_object murder nemets open_mouth soyjak speech_bubble text tpusa twitter variant:bernd variant:chudjak // 1182x582 // 147.7KB arm clothes glasses hand hat i_heart i_love nemets open_mouth pointing pyotr_wrangel soyjak stubble variant:shirtjak // 618x559 // 89.2KB animated arm crying fire full_body glasses hair hanging leg melting nemets oe_cake open_mouth purple_hair pyotr_wrangel rope sound soyjak suicide tongue tranny twitter variant:bernd video // 600x600, 12.7s // 1.4MB bloodshot_eyes crying flag glasses hair hanging i_love mustache nemets nigger open_mouth purple_hair pyotr_wrangel rope soyjak stubble suicide text tired tongue tranny twitter variant:bernd yellow_teeth // 726x711 // 534.1KB 3soyjaks black_skin blood hanging irl meta:tagme nemets pyotr_wrangel rope soyjak tranny twitter variant:bernd variant:ignatius // 1200x1783 // 373.5KB clothes glasses hat irl nemets open_mouth pyotr_wrangel stubble twitter variant:classic_soyjak // 240x240 // 47.7KB clothes hat irl nemets open_mouth pyotr_wrangel stubble twitter variant:classic_soyjak // 240x240 // 46.6KB clothes hat mustache nemets pyotr_wrangel russia soyjak twitter uniform variant:chudjak // 210x275 // 10.9KB
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