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black_eyes clothes crazed darkness glasses hair horus_heresy konrad_curze lightning night_lords open_mouth primarch sci-fi soyjak spooky stubble variant:classic_soyjak warhammer // 554x674 // 295.6KB black_skin clothes glasses horus_heresy primarch red_eyes salamanders sci-fi smile soyjak stubble variant:wholesome_soyjak vulkan warhammer // 800x1076 // 647.3KB angry clothes glasses hair hat horus_heresy magnus_the_red open_mouth pink_eye primarch red_hair red_skin sci-fi soyjak thousand_sons variant:cobson warhammer // 618x621 // 338.3KB bloodshot_eyes clothes crying empire glasses hair open_mouth primarch sci-fi soyjak space stubble variant:classic_soyjak warhammer yellow_hair // 280x346 // 92.6KB
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