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anime breasts forest glasses hair irl open_mouth pink_hair red_hair redraw screen soyjak stairs stubble tagme_character_name theater thick_eyebrows transparent variant:pissluffare // 828x578 // 939.4KB cloud fire_hydrant glasses heaven sky smile soot soot_colors soyjak soyjak_party stairs text variant:wholesome_soyjak // 1600x1200 // 1.4MB bar brown_hair chair closed_mouth clothes ear elf frown glasses hair milk milk_bar mr_barten mustache nintendo pointy_ears soyjak stairs stubble variant:gapejak vidya viyda white_skin zelda // 993x842 // 345.6KB 2soyjaks arm asian glasses hand mustache open_mouth pointing small_eyes soyjak stairs stubble variant:two_pointing_soyjaks yellow_skin // 4096x3239 // 1.4MB
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