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animated clothes ear food fruit fruitjak glasses hat jackbox oekaki open_mouth pineapple redraw sound soyjak streamer stubble tagme_streamer_name twitch variant:cobson vidya webm // 578x360, 78s // 5.4MB arm flag glasses hand holding_object open_mouth phone soyjak soyjak_holding_phone stubble tagme_streamer_name tranny twitch variant:markiplier_soyjak world_of_warcraft zovaal // 1038x900 // 175.8KB angry animal cat clothes ear fangs glasses green_eyes hat open_mouth snout soyjak stream stubble tagme_streamer_name ushanka variant:feraljak whisker // 636x621 // 226.2KB animal black_eyes cat clothes glasses hat open_mouth scarf snout soyjak streamer stubble tagme_streamer_name transparent ushanka variant:unknown whisker // 499x625 // 50.3KB angry animal bubble cat cat_ear clothes glasses hat open_mouth snout soyjak streamer stubble tagme_streamer_name underwater ushanka variant:feraljak variant:unknown water whisker // 240x174 // 8.8KB
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