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clothes family_guy fat glasses lgbt open_mouth peter_griffin soyjak stubble text thread tranny // 600x784 // 562.1KB 4chan bloodshot_eyes crying devil greentext large_eyebrows open_mouth qa_(4chan) screenshot soyjak stubble text thread variant:classic_soyjak // 475x218 // 65.7KB 4chan angry arm badge ban ban_hammer catalog clothes cultural_phenomenon glasses hammer hand holding_object i_am_abib irc mario necktie nintendo open_mouth push_pin screenshot soyjak sticky stubble text thread v_(4chan) variant:gapejak vidya // 4190x3914 // 3.4MB 4chan concerned frown glasses hair screenshot soyjak stubble thread variant:classic_soyjak zoomer // 298x465 // 82.0KB
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