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angry arm closed_mouth ear glasses hair hand pointing pol_(4chan) soyjak subvariant:chudjak_front text uncle_sam variant:chudjak // 680x706 // 455.4KB beard bloodshot_eyes clothes crying glasses hat open_mouth soyjak uncle_sam variant:classic_soyjak white_hair // 944x1364 // 215.3KB angry clothes ear glasses grey_hair hair hand hat open_mouth pointing soyjak star stubble thick_eyebrows uncle_sam united_states variant:nojak white_hair // 798x878 // 148.1KB 3soyjaks beard black_skin brown_skin cap clothes glasses hair hat irl_background mcdonalds open_mouth soyjak soyjak_trio star stretched_mouth stubble top_hat uncle_sam united_states variant:gapejak variant:markiplier_soyjak variant:tony_soprano_soyjak white_hair white_skin // 1629x1080 // 1.7MB
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