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clothes crying donald_trump glasses hair irl open_mouth soyjak stubble suit text variant:unknown yellow_hair // 1760x1320 // 240.7KB big_brain ear glasses open_mouth soyjak stubble tongue variant:unknown // 217x355 // 5.5KB anger_mark angry closed_mouth ear earring hair heart i_love league_of_legends long_hair pink_hair stubble tranny variant:unknown video_game // 997x986 // 71.2KB anger_mark angry closed_mouth ear earring final_fantasy_xiv hair heart i_love long_hair pink_hair stubble tranny variant:unknown video_game // 997x986 // 71.2KB brown_eyes chair chud closed_mouth clothes drawn_background glasses grey_hairy headphones microphone millions_must_die nazism swastika text tshirt variant:unknown // 1286x813 // 30.6KB blue_orb blue_skin devil_may_cry glasses meta:tagme open_mouth orb soyjak stubble variant:unknown // 360x321 // 6.5KB badge brown_hair cheeks glasses hair makeup open_mouth stubble team_fortress_2 tranny variant:unknown video_game // 512x512 // 342.3KB ear glasses hair open_mouth variant:unknown vinluv // 1172x1704 // 65.1KB glasses open_mouth stubble variant:unknown // 407x649 // 23.5KB glasses open_mouth stubble template variant:unknown // 768x1024 // 52.8KB 5soyjaks balding ear glasses open_mouth stubble variant:beastjak variant:kliksjak variant:unknown // 1280x720 // 543.2KB closed_mouth glasses multiple_soyjaks open_mouth soyjak stubble variant:stjak variant:unknown // 1474x693 // 338.2KB glasses open_mouth stubble variant:unknown // 1922x497 // 178.6KB 2soyjaks bald button closed_mouth clothes glasses grin hoodie smile stubble text thumbs_up variant:unknown vooter vote // 963x885 // 77.4KB bug ear glasses hand holding_object open_mouth stubble variant:unknown // 768x1024 // 191.7KB angry closed_mouth ear glasses stubble template variant:unknown // 768x1024 // 56.4KB body_horror ear goofy goofy_greener grin grinner monster open_mouth stubble variant:unknown // 350x520 // 143.7KB closed_mouth drawing glasses grin hair microphone rap soot soyjak_party speech_bubble stubble text variant:unknown // 4032x3024 // 3.6MB closed_mouth glasses helmet keyboard soyjak variant:unknown warrior // 1354x1150 // 176.4KB 4chan angry gem janny lit_(4chan) meta:tagme millions_must_die music nigger perturbator raid reddit soyjak swastika synthwave variant:beastjak variant:bernd variant:chudjak variant:chugsjak variant:classic_soyjak variant:cobson variant:el_perro_rabioso variant:feraljak variant:gapejak variant:markiplier_soyjak variant:unknown video // 1280x720, 70.5s // 15.8MB ear open_mouth template variant:unknown // 768x1024 // 39.2KB dip open_mouth pointing stubble variant:unknown // 1280x720 // 134.0KB 3soyjaks glasses open_mouth stubble variant:beastjak variant:kliksjak variant:unknown // 828x581 // 47.8KB ear glasses open_mouth stubble variant:unknown // 768x1024 // 54.8KB
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