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angry army blood brenton_tarrant cap clothes dutch ear firearm glasses gun hat irl irl_background laser netherlands news pointer scarf skull smile sniper soldier soyjak text tree variant:chudjak wolf // 1792x741 // 1.3MB angry fangs furry november open_mouth scarf soyjak variant:cobson wolf yellow_eyes // 721x789 // 22.1KB black_sun claws closed_mouth ear esoteric esoteric_hitlerism glasses hair soyjak subvariant:chudjak_front variant:chudjak wolf // 766x844 // 89.0KB arm brown_skin clothes flag glasses hand holding_object hungary meme open_mouth phone soyjak soyjak_holding_phone stubble text tshirt turan turkiye variant:markiplier_soyjak wolf // 675x593 // 290.3KB animal clothes crying cyrillic_text ear glasses hair hat open_mouth redraw russia soyjak speech_bubble stubble text variant:classic_soyjak wolf // 2146x1024 // 93.4KB animal arm beard brown_hair clothes glasses hair hammer hand holding_object necklace open_mouth pagan phone scandinavian soyjak soyjak_holding_phone stubble tshirt variant:markiplier_soyjak wolf // 1125x976 // 814.9KB
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