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acab alt-right bigotry blm buzzwords emoticon gamergate glasses lgbt meme no_eyebrows open_mouth soyjak stubble text tranny trump twitter variant:gapejak wordswordswords yikes // 1500x1500 // 822.5KB ampharos ear glasses open_mouth soyjak stubble text variant:a24_slowburn_soyjak yellow_skin yikes // 454x520 // 124.0KB as_a_white_person bigotry buzzwords clapping ding_ding_ding folks friendo glasses i_literally_cant_even im_literally_shaking_rn its_almost_as_if its_called_being_a_decent_human_being just_shut_up_and_listen let_that_sink_in lets_unpack_this losing_all_faith_in_humanity maybe_just_maybe meme oh_boy oh_hey oh_sweet_summer_child oh_sweetie oof open_mouth poc problematic smile soyjak stubble text this_so_much_this toxic twitter twitter_checkmark variant:classic_soyjak who_hurt_you wordswordswords wow_just_wow yaaaaass_queen_slay yall yikes you_are_not_welcome_here you_do_realize // 1500x1000 // 485.3KB
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