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Anonymous1: To all YUROPOORS.
Ever heard of the Turkic and Mongol invasions? Those changed the genetic makeup of most of your continent.

The few PURE Europeans who were left all moved to America.

All of your yurocuck countries are cucked. They are full of Muslims and Africans. You need to pay higher taxes just so the "vulnerable minorities" can get their welfare.

So it seems that the mutt meme was just projection. Seriously, I hope every single yurofaggot dies. I'm tired of browsing /pol/ and seeing these stupid retarded yurocucks making threads.
American whites are not "mutts". All people called white here are pure. Unlike you yurocucks. I hate all of you, and every African, Jew and Muslim is better than you. Die.
The nukes shouldn't have been dropped on Japan but on Germany instead. More dead yurocucks. Maybe then we wouldn't have the "mutt" meme. By the way, I donate 30 dollars to support African immigrants in your cuck countries every time you call me a "mutt". Stay mad. You deserve it. This is how much we hate you yurocucks. You cannot even defend yourself when Abdul comes to fuck your wife. Oh wait, you'll fap to it. You invented interracial cuck porn after all.

Inb4 "divide and conquer". There's nothing to divide here because it's just a fact.
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Anonymous2: I don't think about you at all. I don't think about your cucked countries at all. All of you will be forced to take the vaccine. Your countries are full of blacks. You are worse than any other race. Forget "white unity". We hate all of you. ALL OF YOU. The blackest African is superior to you. The Jew with the biggest nose is superior to you. Your countries are so unbelievably cucked. You are not allowed to own guns. You aren't even allowed to own land. You need to pay 1/4th of your income so that Muslims can get their welfare.
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Anonymous3: its literally the other way around though
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: yurocuck. stfu. why don't you just kill yourself i fucking hate you
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: America can’t even get rid of a little island (Cuba) on their doorstep yet you have the gall to spell “euro” wrong and say that whites are in America. Whatever lets you sleep at night, mutt.
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Anonymous6: america and israel will be nuked within our lifetime