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Uploader Chud,
Tags anime bosnia closed_mouth clothes country ear flag hair hand republika_srpska smile smirk soyjak thumbs_up track_suit variant:kuzjak
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Chud1: it republika srpska you dumbass
also i want a abyssal wife lol
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Chud2: thank you for listening
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Chud3: Tranny dust
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Chud4: ^
obsessed inceltranny
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Chud5: eceleb coal
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Chud6: @Chud: literally has tranime in the background im not talking about your pedophile overlord you fucking underage sperg brainlet nigger
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Chud7: ^
obsessed mutt inceltranny seething at anime
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Chud8: ^seething tranny trying to make people stop associating tranime with trannies
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Chud9: ^seething tranny trying to make people associate anime with trannies