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Chud1: gemmy
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Chud2: Where is creepy cob?
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Chud3: ^this is a really old ‘berg. When I get around to the iceberg video I’ll merge the two currently up and add all the recent happenings
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Chud4: i demand 3 hours long video with explanation to every single thing in this berg
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Chud5: ID'd
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Chud6: /tv/ created soyjak is real though, the >NOOOOO YOU CAN'T post style came from there
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Chud7: What about the soylent-wojak.jpg origin theory and Soyjak actually being called Soyak, though?
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Tokyo soyjak sightings
>Cobson's Playpen (do not google!)

Jak incident

>soyjak is dead

>Sootler's bunker

>soyjak was murdered

>Capitol Reef National Park

>Soyvil War Fishist Perspective

>all soyjaks take place in purgatory
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Chud9: @Chud: update plz?