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Uploader Chud,
Tags anime buff cirno dream hakurei_reimu nazism sleeping touhou variant:chudjak video_game
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Chud1: gem
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Chud2: tranime brimstone
YWNBAAOAW (You will never be an aryan or a woman)
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Chud3: Cisgenime gem, YWABAAOAM (You will always be an aryan or a man).
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Chud4: Japslop coal
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Chud5: I look like this and my dreams also look like this
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Chud6: This is a gem and I love the 2hus Nazis!
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Chud7: Literally me
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Chud8: Chudjak absolutely does not have those dreams and the creator of this needs to hang themselves for being a tranny nigger faggot kike
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Chud9: Chudjak absolutely has those dreams and the comment above me should hang himself for being such a retard zoomer tranny