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Chud1: MIGA chuds NEVER recovered from this gem
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>non-whites are more conservative than whites

>non-whites are more based than whites

whitey self-own
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Chud3: @Chud: how is being less of a cuckservative a self-own?
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Chud4: @Chud:
how is being a self-hating neo-lib corporate bootlicking whitey not a self-own
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Chud5: @Chud: >he thinks the only options are being a libtard or a cuckservative
dumb directionbrain
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Chud6: @Chud:
>implying wigger squad of 15 incels will change anything

USA is 2 party system and if you're a third party you're still a goy with extra steps but even more retarded