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These guidelines are based on the SuBooru tagging rules

Upload Rules
  • All soyjaks are allowed, real life soyboy images are welcome too.
  • Low effort soyjak comics may be rejected at the approver's discretion.
  • Real life pornography is not allowed.
  • Duplicates are not allowed, unless you have a higher quality version of an already existing soyjak.
  • Social media soyjak screenshots are not allowed. If you see a soyjak on social media, then download it directly.

    Variants List
    Click here.

    Big Rules
    • "Tag what you see, not what you know"
      • Tag only everything that's visible in the image, within a reasonable level of detail. The goal is to have every image be uniquely searchable without creating too much of a tagging burden.
    • Try to use only one tag to describe each characteristic,
    • The above two rules do not apply to parent category tags ('fruit' + 'food').
    • Avoid subjective tags ('nas', 'gem', 'faggot'). These examples are valid tags when referring to an object or text in the image.
    • Always use the 'tagme' tag if you are unsure if you put enough tags. It's ugly but without it poorly tagged images disappear into the database forever.
    • Prefer existing tags over creating new ones.
      • Search for synonyms before creating a new tag. We try to autocorrect common mistakes but would like to minimize aliases in case a word is needed to describe text in an image.
      • The database is always improving. Some tags may violate the guidelines below either as mod-created exceptions or work-in-progress changes.

    Other Rules
    • Always include at least one variant, or 'variant:unknown'.
    • Any drawn or traced variant should have the 'soyjak' tag, except 'variant:wojak'.
    • The amount of faces in the image determines the use of the '[2-5]soyjaks' tags. Use 'multiple_soyjaks' for 5+ soyjaks.
    • Images that include real-life elements should use the 'irl' or 'irl_background' tags.
    • Special Tags
      • 'merge' means an uncommon mix of two variants. This should not be used for body parts (not face) or commonly reused elements (wholesomejak's smile).
      • 'redraw' describes any re-drawing or tracing of a variant without substantial changes.
      • 'oekaki' effectively describes a poorly-done 'redraw'. This may be removed in the future.
      • 'subvariant'/'alternate' [TBA]
    • Use negative tags ('no_eyes', 'no_mouth') for rarely missing characteristics when no other positive tag is accurate.
    • Colors
      • Many common characteristics have color versions ('blue_eyes', 'yellow_skin').
      • In ambiguous situations prefer red, green, blue, yellow, black and white.
      • 'white_skin' refers to the skin color, not the color white.
      • For simplicity hair does not have its own colors ('blonde_hair' -> 'yellow_hair').
      • Use the generic color tags ('red', 'green') only when a more specific color tag can't be applied to the image.
    • Head Parts
      • Prefer 'stubble' over 'beard'. The latter describes fuller facial hair (see 'variant:science_lover').
      • 'open_mouth' (the classic) refers to states of the mouth when the back of the mouth is visible. 'closed_mouth' refers to when the lips are entirely closed.
      • Do not use the '*_mouth' tags when teeth or foreign object(s) are completely covering the back of the mouth.
      • 'smile', 'frown', and similar tags should be used whenever applicable.
      • Don't forget the 'ear' tag.
    • Body Parts
      • Non-head body parts are less important and are kept limited. The most common are 'arm', 'hand', 'leg', and 'foot'.
      • 'full_body' specifies a complete body from head to toe that is not covered or cut off. When using this tag leave out the other body parts unless they're especially significant to the image.

    New Tags
    • Tags should only contain Latin characters, numbers, underscores, parentheses, and forward slashes [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, (, )]. Sometimes underscores are displayed as spaces. Use underscores to replace disallowed characters such as apostrophes, dashes, and pound signs.
    • Use singular nouns ('ears' -> 'ear').
    • Prefer American English spelling for English words ('sceptre' -> 'scepter').
    • Use parentheses to clarify ambiguous tags ('nas_(rapper)').
    • Names
      • Use the full name of the character or franchise.
      • Asian names use '[lastname]_[firstname]' order, this is for compatibility with other boorus. Refer to DanBooru for new character names.
      • All other names use '[firstname]_[lastname]' order.
      • Include "the" if it's part of the official name ('the_lawnmower_man'), unless it's rarely referred to that way ('the_lord_of_the_rings' -> 'lord_of_the_rings').
      • Mods may shorten obnoxiously long names ('satanichia_kurumizawa_mcdowell' -> 'satania').
      • Due to software limitations, imageboard board names have to be tagged as 'board name_(site)' without slashes ('/pol/' -> 'pol_(4chan)')

    Common Clarifications
    • The difference between 'subvariant:wholesome_soyjak' and 'variant:gapejak' is the stubble.
    • 'bloodshot_eyes' supersedes the 'red_eyes' tag.
    • 'badge' is the tag for any award ribbon, pin, clothing sticker, or other wearable badge.
    • 'anime' is the category tag for anything drawn in Japanese cartoon style, including 'manga', 'touhou' and visual novels.

    Major changes from (before the wipe)
    • 'stretched_mouth' replaces of 'screaming' for a larger-than-usual mouth. Use 'screaming' only when the character is visibly screaming.

    Unfinished major tasks
    • 'closed_mouth' tag
    • Replace 4chan board names with main subject when need ('g_(4chan) -> 'technology')
    • Asian names